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Q: What is a Public Adjuster?
A: A Public Adjuster is a trained professional advocate for you, the policyholder. Rather than counting (and banking on) the insurance company to pay you what they think your claim may be worth, an Aftermath Public Adjuster will take a pro-active role in representing your interests when submitting a claim to the insurance company.

Q: Why do I need to hire Aftermath Public Adjusters?
A: The insurance adjuster is hired to work for and represent the interest of the insurance company. It only makes sense to have a highly trained professional Aftermath Public Adjuster representing your interest and fighting to make sure that you are paid every dollar that you are entitled to. To complicate matters, in light of the recent hurricanes that have swept our region, the insurance companies have been short of staff and there are simply not enough trained professional insurance company adjusters to handle the magnitude of claims that have overwhelmed the insurance industry. As a result the insurance industry has begun to hire individuals who have no claims experience whatsoever. Many individuals who have never even read an insurance policy or have had any claims experience have now been put through an insurance companies "cram course" and within weeks have been made insurance adjusters. Do you really feel comfortable having one of these individuals handling your most important financial asset, your home?

Q: Who are the Aftermath Public Adjusters and why do you need a free consultation with them?
A: Aftermath's adjusters are accredited by Vale National Training Center in Residential Building Damage Estimating. Aftermath is licensed and bonded by various departments of insurance throughout several states. Aftermath's team of highly skilled adjusters have over 50 years combined experience in the field of Public Adjusting and have handled a wide range of claims ranging from $10,000 residential claims to $25,000,000 commercial claims.

Q: What will the Aftermath Adjuster do?
A: Our adjuster will meet with you free of charge to assess your situation. We will review your policy and do a preliminary overview of your damages. We will advise you as to our findings and let you know if we can help you. Once hired we will work with you to prepare a thorough estimate of the property damages. We will contact the insurance company and take the hassle out of the claims process by handling the paperwork and phone calls, We will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company adjuster to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation that you are entitled to receive under your policy.

Q: If I want to meet with an Aftermath adjuster what do I need to do and how much will it cost me.
A: The initial consultation is free. Once you hire Aftermath Public Adjusters we will charge a very reasonable fee in relation to the increased settlement that the average insured should expect to receive once we have been hired to assist with the claim. There is no out of pocket cost, as our fee is due payable only when the insurance claim has been settled.