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Our Company

Aftermath Public Adjusters was founded in 2005 in response to the overwhelming devastation that took place in Mississippi and Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina. Prior to Hurricane Katrina our people helped the Florida victims of the 2004 Hurricanes Ivan, Frances and Charlie. In 2005 Aftermath was aware of the overwhelming magnitude of Hurricane Katrina and as such many of our people relocated to Louisiana for up to 2 years. During Aftermath Public Adjusters 2 years in Louisiana the staff grew as Aftermath Public Adjusters assisted hundreds of clients and obtained millions of dollars in settlements on both residential and commercial property damages. After Katrina, our staff returned home where we are currently headquartered in the great town of Hammonton, New Jersey.

Some States that Aftermath Public Adjusters is licensed in includes but is not limited to: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Texas. Aftermath adds additional license States to suit our clients' needs and in times of catastrophic losses. Our staff of qualified adjusters is highly qualified and trained by Vale National. Our niche is the service of commercial and residential claims through our affiliations with professionals and individuals who recommend us with the utmost confidence to their clients who may have suffered property damage and can use our services. We also have teams of dedicated individuals who are available at a moment's notice to help people with catastrophic losses, whether it be a fire in the tri state area or a hurricane several states away.

Our People

Our people care about our clients, as they are the lifeblood of our business. They are professional and always fight to obtain our clients a fair and equitable settlement

Our Philosophy

In the Aftermath of a disaster, we are the ones who will be there for you. Our clients, both large and small, all matter to us. Many become our friends, but all are treated like family.

Our Clients

We specialize in both commercial and residential losses. Both our residential and commercial clients have claims that range anywhere from major losses such as a fire, flood, or hurricane to the more moderate common occurrences, such as windstorm, water from plumbing breaks, smoke damage and more. We can assist our residential clients who have been displaced by helping them recover "Loss of Use" for lodging, meals and other expenses. While our commercial clients can utilize our Firm to assist with the more detailed and complex issues involving claims for business interruption and covered losses that have affected the finances of the business. Our clients contact us because they know that we will handle the details of their claim, both professionally and courteously. We pride ourselves on the fact that a large percentage of our business comes through referrals from previous clients. We've worked hard to earn their trust. Let us work hard for you.

Professional Business Relationships

Our firm is available to work with your organization to provide expertise to your existing clients. This creates a value added service for your organization and offers the potential of an increased bottom line to your company. Quite often we find that some of our business clients may need our services or may have clients who need our service. We work with banks, mortgage companies, attorneys, property management companies, hotel chains, franchises, contractors, general businesses, and more. Our licensed professionals will help identify the claim and manage the claims process from initiation to settlement. We are experts in policy coverage and the technical aspects of the claim.
  • Contractors : Quite often people will hear about us through a contractor's reference. When a large loss occurs, we can work with the contractor to help secure the necessary settlement from the insurance company. Contractors should not be utilized to assist with insurance claims as it puts an undue burden upon the insured and their contractor. Unfortunately, quite often we work with well meaning contractors on losses such as fires and major water damage where the contactor is trying to help the insured by negotiating with an insurance company in order to get the insured's property properly repaired and get themselves paid for the job. We find that before we were involved it was an uphill battle for the contractor trying to get the insurance company to release the necessary proceeds. The contractor is an expert at the construction end but in most cases is not trained as an expert in the insurance policy. This can lead to frustration with the insurance process for both the contractor who wants to do the job and get paid, and the insured who is entitled to have their property properly repaired. Once Aftermath is hired, both the insured and the contractor can breathe a sigh of relief, as it is the Aftermath adjuster who is professionally trained to get the insurance company to pay what is owed. This allows the contactor and the insured to move forward and focus on the job at hand while we work to obtain the settlement that is truly due. As such we help the clients by helping these contractors get the money from insurance to do the job right. We are a value added service that a contractor can offer to help sell the job and the contractor's level of professionalism. The Contractor and the insured both win by utilizing our expertise.

  • Banks/Lenders : Aftermath Public Adjusters always seeks relationships with banks and mortgage companies.

  • Attorneys : Quite often an Attorney who does not specialize in Property Damage claims may refer a potential client to another Attorney or to a Public Adjuster. We are that Public Adjusting Company. We work with Attorneys to assist with claims scenarios where the use of a good Public Adjuster may be more advantageous than litigation. We will service the claim and in most cases we can come to an equitable settlement without the need for litigation. If litigation is needed we will be able to document the file for the Attorney by preparing an accurate property damage estimate and documenting our progress on the file such as correspondence, phone calls, etc. This makes it easier for the Attorney to prevail if litigation is required.

  • Realtors and Property Management : Our services are often utilized by Realtors and busy Property Managers who will utilize our expertise to get the funds to repair a property under their care or management. A listing agent or Management Company may call us in on a property that has damage from a loss such as vandalism or plumbing issues and due to the state of the property, it can't be sold or rented. We will work to settle the claim and get the compensation needed to revitalize the damaged property.

Catastrophic Losses

When a disaster hits, our team can mobilize to meet the needs of the state or states that have suffered damages. We can service most states that suffer from a hurricane or a catastrophic loss.

Hurricane Katrina

Our Firm was born in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating natural disasters to hit our country. During our time with the victims of Hurricane Katrina, we had the privilege to assist homeowners and business owners who were unable to receive a fair settlement from their insurance companies. Put our years of experience to work for you.
  • Hurricane Katrina residential clients - Our residential clients utilized our services to assist with the proper documentation, preparation and filing of their flood and wind insurance claims. We assist with every aspect of the claim including loss of use, which reimburses our clients for lodging and miscellaneous expenses. Our residential Katrina clients number in the hundreds. We have done claims for Doctors, Lawyers, Senators, Businessmen, Housewives, Retirees, and all Homeowners in between. During our work on Katrina it was typical for us to increase insurance settlements anywhere between 40% - 400% or more. There are numerous stories of clients who were paid $15,000 before we were hired and settled for $150,000 after we finished our job. References can be furnished upon request.

  • Hurricane Katrina commercial clients - Our commercial clients utilize our services to assist with the proper documentation, preparation and filing of their flood and wind insurance claims. We assist with every aspect of the claim including Business Interruption, Loss of Income. Some of our Katrina Clients include:
    Italian Pie - Pizza chain. President and owner's personal residence
    Carlo Ditta Concrete Company - New Orleans LA
    Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel - New Orleans LA
    Holiday Inn - New Orleans LA
    Alexa Hotel - New Orleans LA
    Cotton Exchange Hotel - New Orleans LA
    French Quarter Guest House - New Orleans LA
    High Rise Hotel - New Orleans LA
    Historic French Market Inn - New Orleans LA
    Hotel Chateau Dupre - New Orleans LA
    Hotel Le Cirque - New Orleans LA
    Lafayatte Hotel - New Orleans LA
    Parc St Charles Hotel - New Orleans LA
    St James Hotel - New Orleans LA
    Pelham Hotel - New Orleans LA
    Decatur Deluxe Hotels Headquarters - New Orleans LA
    Rockwood Inn and Suites - Hammond LA
    Pine Grove Apartments - Mandeville LA
    Kiddie Kingdome - Slidell LA
    Borne Carpets - Kenner and Harvey LA
    David Michael Clothes - Metairie LA
    Alliance Insurance Agency - Metairie LA
    Alliance Lending Services - Metairie LA
    Robco Realty - New Orleans LA