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"Now the field has been leveled and the policyholder has access to their own exclusive adjuster who will work for them and not the insurance company."

Aftermath Public Adjusters will work hard to make sure that your insurance company pays you what your claim is really worth. Rather than possibly receiving the same low-ball settlement that the insured who "goes it alone" may receive, you will be represented by top professionals.

Our Adjusters specialize in both residential and commercial property claims and can handle everything from common everyday losses to large disasters such as hurricanes, floods and fires.

Many people have never experienced an insurance loss to their home or business before and may find themselves overwhelmed by the process, especially on larger catastrophic losses. What does my policy entitle me to? Is my insurance adjuster being fair to me? These are questions that we can help answer.

You can handle a claim without an Aftermath Public Adjuster, however it stands to reason that having a professional in your corner should result in a more positive outcome, less hassle, less worry and the potential for a higher settlement.